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The Product Recovery Demonstration Program was created for the benefit of all parties involved to determine what method and equipment would be best suited for recovering LNAPLs or DNAPLs at a site.


  • Faster approvals from responsible parties and regulations
  • Guaranteed remediation results
  • Consultants get actual site remediation data, system training, and actual cost/performance data for comparison and decision making
  • Clients see an actual working solution prior to acquisition
  • Regulators see actual cost/performance data for comparison and decision making
  • XITECH has the opportunity to compare its technology against other approaches and competitive technologies

XITECH is happy to provide its ADJ product recovery system free of charge to any environmental professional for a two week pilot study. To participate in this great opportunity, XITECH requires that a XITECH sale representative be present at the time of installation to ensure proper installation and provide operational training of the recovery system. The responsible party requesting this service must assume all liability for the installation and operation during this pilot study, assume responsibility for the security of all XITECH equipment while on the project site, assume the responsibility for decontamination of the equipment and disposal of any contaminated tubing, and assume responsibility for safe transport of the pilot study equipment back to XITECH at the completion of the two week period.

WHAT XITECH PROVIDES: One ADJ Smart Skimmer, 2500 ES Timer with high level tank shutoff sensor assembly, well cap, all necessary tubing for air supply and product discharge, safety rope for skimmer, air supply regulator, operation manual, and a XITECH Sales Technician for one day to oversee installation and provide operational training.

WHAT THE PARTICIPANT PROVIDES: Security of XITECH property, compressed air supply, electrical power (AC or 12 volt DC), technician for installing the system and prompt return or purchase of the system at the end of the 2 week pilot study.

HOW TO GET STARTED: Contact your Geotechnical Services Representative at 800-524-9111 or call the XITECH main office.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Xitech will be able to ship a complete recovery system within two weeks from completing all necessary site information.

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