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Gold Tester XRF Analytical | Gold Analyzer

Gold Analysis using an XRF gold tester is a highly accurate, fast technique to determine gold concentration in jewelry, scrap gold, gold bars, coins, and any other solid metal samples. The accuracy of XRF instruments for gold testing comes within 0.15% (0.0015) of fire assay. For those currently using fire assay to hallmark gold and other precious metals, XRF gold analyzer may offer some unique benefits. XRF testers for gold analysis can accurately analyze gold (Au) in metal alloy samples, as well as in coatings such as can be found in gold-plated jewelry. This method of gold analysis is completely nondestructive, allowing the user to test gold to evaluate it for purchase, to spot-check jewelry, to test pin samples and bars, and all without damaging the integrity of the sample being tested in any way. Some distinct advantages of using XRF for gold testing include:

  • results in 2 seconds
  • excellent reproducibility and precision
  • accuracy down to 0.15% (handheld) or 0.10% (benchtop) of fire assay
  • completely nondestructive analysis
  • handheld gold tester can go anywhere, bring the assay lab to the sample
  • benchtop gold tester can provide a full elemental map of any sample

Uses of XRF Gold Testers:

If the goal is to determine gold purity—also known as gold concentration or gold karat (Kt)—then a gold analyzer offers a fast, nondestructive, economical solution. XRF gold testers can quickly and easily determine 24 Kt gold (100% gold), 18 Kt gold (75% gold), 14 Kt gold (58.3% gold), 10 Kt gold (41.7% gold), and any unusual gold alloy in between. In addition to determining the gold purity, the results of each analysis will provide the user with information regarding other alloying elements present in the sample, including copper (Cu), silver (Ag), and platinum (Pt).

Whether you are a scrap gold buyer, gold refiner, or gold assay lab, the ever-increasing price of gold in today’s market makes speed and accuracy essential to running a successful business. XRF Analyzers for Gold Testing offer you the most accurate, robust, and efficient solutions available.

XRF Gold Testers: Contact our sales team to discuss your needs. Click here.

Types of XRF Analyzers for Gold Testing and Gold Assay

Our X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometers for gold analysis come in several different types, including Handheld XRF Guns and Benchtop XRF.


Handheld XRF Gold Analyzer

A Handheld XRF Gold Analyzer allows you to conduct lab quality analyses for all of the important elements in gold alloys in a single measuring cycle lasting 2-10 seconds. The analysis screen gives the user all of the necessary information—including concentration of all elements of interest and standard deviation—at a single glance. The analysis results can be displayed in multiple ways depending on user needs, including a simple karat determination, gold concentration in percent, or complete alloy chemistry. Reports of one analysis or a user-defined set of analyses can be easily made into a variety of reports including PDF certificates and Excel spreadsheets. This detailed applications report shows the accuracy, repeatability, and precision of gold analysis with a Handheld XRF Gold Analyzer.

Micro XRF Benchtop XRF Gold Analyzer with Mapping Capabilities and Camera

The fast, nondestructive analysis of jewelry, dental alloys, and other gold or precious metals samples is one of the standard applications of the Micro XRF Analyzer. Thanks to its unique evaluation model, Micro XRF can be used in this application for all important elements in typical concentration ranges, as well as for unknown alloys. The analysis system is pre-configured for this application and is ready for analysis immediately after installation.

A Micro XRF Analyzer is available in various configurations. Micro XRF LD provides a working distance of 20 mm. This is advantageous in cases where irregular shapes have to be analyzed, as is common with jewelry and other similar samples.

The typical analysis time per sample is 180 seconds to guarantee that the statistical error of the Au intensity is <0.1%. However, these settings can be adapted according to user requirements. An integrated color video camera is provided for proper sample positioning and visualization of results in reference to measured spots. Screen shots of measured areas with measure spot markers can be saved along with the analytical results.

The high reproducibility performance of Micro XRF enables the recognition of local inhomogeneities. For instance, silver samples can be rather inhomogeneous in some cases: analyzed silver samples have shown a concentration variation between 92.84% and 93.78% depending on the measured spot location. These differences of almost 1% are no match for the accuracy of a Micro XRF Analyzer. Inhomogeneities of gold alloys for Au in the range of <0.15% can be detected. A detailed applications report shows the accuracy, repeatability, and capabilities of gold analysis with a Micro XRF.

Increase productivity, precision, and peace of mind with XRF analyzers for gold analysis.

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