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Alloy Analyzer

Meet your alloy analysis needs with an XRF Alloy Analyzer. Whether your task is scrap sorting or grade ID verification for high-reliability applications, the XRF Alloy Analyzer is the right tool for the job. Geotechnical Services knows that the alloy business requires the ability to accurately assess the elemental matrix of unverified material and obtain accurate grade IDs every time. We offer handheld and benchtop solutions for alloy analysis in the lab, in the scrap yard, and on the manufacturing floor.

Alloy Grade Identification with XRF Alloy Analyzers

XRF Alloy Analyzers, whether in handheld or benchtop form, can distinguish quickly and accurately between alloy families and identify specific alloy grades. For alloys with unusual chemistries, XRF Alloy Analyzers provide a complete elemental analysis of any sample. Alloys that can be positively identified or analyzed with the XRF Alloy Analyzers include:
  • Iron alloys (e.g. stainless, low alloy, high-temperature, and tool steels)
  • Nickel alloys (including those with hafnium, tantalum or rhenium)
  • Cobalt alloys
  • Titanium alloys
  • Copper and zinc alloys
  • Wrought aluminum alloys
  • Chrome-molybdenum steels
  • Zirconium alloys
  • A variety of exotic alloys

Alloy analysis and metal analysis are the principal applications of XRF Analyzers. The Alloy business requires the ability to accurately assess the elemental matrix of unverified material. We offer handheld and benchtop solutions for alloy analysis in the lab, in the yard, and on the manufacturing floor. Rent a XRF Handheld Alloy Analyzer Now!XRF Rental

XRF Handheld Alloy Analyzer

With an XRF Alloy Analyzer, it takes only seconds to get grade verification or confirm type standardization anywhere. Alloy analysis and sorting can be done in the scrap yard in a matter of seconds per sample.

The XRF Handheld Alloy Analyzer can be customized to your specific needs. Set it up to sort for a certain alloy, and a novice user will be able to quickly qualify a sample as pass or fail in literally seconds, without advanced training. The removable PDA gives you control of the XRF analyzer where you need it. And since SDD (silicon drift detector) technology comes standard, the spectrometer is the best value available in handheld XRF.

For value, versatility, reliability, and results you can depend on, use a XRF Handheld Alloy Analyzer and scrap sorting needs. Click here to learn more about the XRF Handheld Alloy Analyzers.

Micro XRF Benchtop Alloy Analyzer

All the power of the XRF Handheld Alloy Analyzer, plus the added accuracy and low limits of detection of a benchtop. Large, small, or micro-spot analysis, elemental mapping, and much more. Click here to learn more about the Micro XRF Benchtop Alloy Analyzer.

High End XRF Benchtop Analyzer for Alloys and Other Materials

For the best sensitivity and limits of detection available in an EDXRF system, choose the High End XRF. With multiple optional secondary targets, 12 position sample tray, automatic sample spinner, and unbeatable accuracy, theHigh End XRF alloy analyzer is in a class by itself. Ideal for trace element analysis, the High End XRF can detect and quantify many elements down to a fraction of a ppm. In addition, the High End XRF can analyze samples of different matrices and compositions in one run. An alloy sample, a powder, and a plastic sample can all be analyzed in one run of the instrument. Click here to learn more about the High End XRF benchtop alloy analyzer.

XRF Alloy Analyzer Applications

No matter which XRF alloy analyzer you choose, it will provide accuracy, precision, and ease of use in any alloy analysis application including:

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