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Home > Water Quality Testing Equipment > Groundwater Sampling bailer

Disposable Bailers & Reusable Bailers

Bailers, whether disposable or reusable, are an essential, simple tool for sampling well water. Whether the goal is sampling well water to test for contamination or purging a well, Geotechnical Services has the bailer for you. If you are purging a well, or acquiring well samples to test for gasoline, BTEX, pesticide, PCB, or solvent contamination, a water bailer will help you get the job done.

To use any of our bailers, simply lower them into your well with bailer twine. When the bailer hits the water, the check ball at the bottom of the bailer gets unseated, allowing water to flow in. When you stop the bailer’s descent and start bringing it back up to the surface, the check ball gets reseated, trapping the water inside.

Geotechnical Services offers a wide variety of reusable and disposable bailers. Disposable bailers are non-weighted or top weighted for faster filling.

Disposable Bailers

  Disposable bailers eliminate contamination, control costs and eliminate technician exposure to toxic compounds during sampling.
  disposable polyethylene bailers
disposable teflon bailers
pressureized disposable polyethylene bailers
  Click here for complete listing.


Disposable bailers eliminate contamination, control costs and eliminate technician exposure to toxic compounds during sampling. Makes purging and sampling your environmental groundwater monitoring wells a snap. Use bailer twine to drop it down the well and pull it back up with the purge or sample water.

Disposable Bailers made with polyethylene, teflon, and clear pvc are available in a variety of diameters and lengths. We also carry pressure bailers that allow for direct filtering with .45 micron metals filters. From .46 inch up to 3" diameter we carry it. And since they are kept in stock we can ship them out quickly. Twine in 100' 200' or 300 foot rolls is also on hand. If you need an in-expensive clean way to sample or purge a well, disposable bailers are what you need.

Sample Bailers
Part Description Material Style #/Box
CV463 .46 X 3' disposable bailer Clear PVC Single check 24
CV703 .70"x3' disposable bailer Clear PVC Single check 24
CV153 1.5"x3' disposable bailer Clear PVC Single check 24
PE75SR .75x3' disposable bailer Polyethylene Single check 24
31953 1.6"x3' disposable bailer Polyethylene Single check 24
31952 1.6"x3' disposable bailer Polyethylene Weighted 24
PE3SR 3"x3' disposable bailer Polyethylene Single check 9
TW-100 100' Roll bailer twine Nylon na 1
TW-200R 200' Roll bailer twine Nylon na 1
TW-300R 300' Roll bailer twine Nylon na 1
31954 1.6" VOC BED Polyethylene na 24

Other Items Available (i.e. Teflon, Pressure Bailers, etc.) Click here for a more complete listing.

Disposable bailers can be used to recover excess product from monitoring wells prior to using a passive skimmer for removing the sheen. Also see our Hydro-Skimmer Passive Product skimmers and Xitech Active Product Pumps. If you have a sheen of product or feet of product, You have come to the right place for recovery supplies.


Reusable Bailers

Reusable bailers, typically used for well purging, are avaialble in several varieties. Please see the chart below and the online store for ordering options.

Available in diameters from less than half an inch up to three inches and lengths from 12" to 36". For ease of viewing we have clear disposable bailers in addition to the semi opaque standard. Choices also include Polyethylene or PVC construction, as well as acrylic reausable types.


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