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Home > Air Quality Equipment > RKI Eagle Portable One to Six Gas, Toxic Analyzer

RKI Eagle 1 to 6 toxic gas detector

The air monitor RKI Eagle detects LEL, CO, O2, CO2, H2S & more.
Eagle Handheld Air Quality Monitor detects LEL, Oxygen, Methane, Hydrogen Sulfide, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide and more. Rent or buy one for monitoring toxic gases at Landfill, tank entry, open pit, excavation or environmental screening jobs. You can depend on the Eagle to warn you before there is a life threatening problem or to give accurate readings from sample points.

Rugged Dependability You can Count On The RKI EAGLE

Eagle - 1 to 6 Gas Detector (Eagle Manual in pdf format)

The EAGLE is considered to be the most versatile, rugged and reliable portable gas monitor on the market. It has a simultaneous readout of up to 6 combinations of gases never before offered in a portable gas detector. Standard features include PPM and LEL hydrocarbon detection, auto-calibration, and industrial strength internal sampling pump. This Sniffer will make detection of toxic gases easy. Good for confined space entry.

Buy a GX-2009 Now
  • Wide variety of field proven sensors
  • Alkaline or NI-Cad capable
  • 2 Alarm levels
  • Simultaneous detection of up to 6 different gases
  • Over 250 gas monitoring configurations Wide range of toxic gases
  • PPM / LEL hydrocarbon detection
  • Powerful long-life pump up to 125’ range with filters
  • Low flow pump shut off and alarm
  • Methane elimination switch for environmental use
  • Up to 30 hours of continuous operation
  • Alkaline or Ni-Cad capability
  • IR Sensors available for: 50% CO2, 100% LEL CH4, and 100% volume CH4
  • Auto calibration
  • Ergonomic RFI / EMI / chemical / weather resistant enclosure
  • Intrinsically safe design, CSA (C / US) & UL Classified (most versions)

Information on RKI Eagle for Method 21 monitoring
Eagle Portable Landfill Monitor
Confined Space and Toxic Gas Analyzers

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What is L.E.L.? RKI Explains in this pdf file

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