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Geotechnical Services carries a variety of Health and Safety equipment for Industrial Hygienists and Occupational Safety Specialists. From air sampling/monitoring to portable handheld XRF heavy metals analyzers, we have it covered. Carrying the names you trust; Gilian, Thermo Scientific (Niton), RAE Systems, RKI, Sensidyne and TSI.

Rental Only NITON© Lead and Heavy Metals Analyzer
The Thermo Fisher Niton analyzers bring lab quality analysis to your site. Get results in minutes for Lead Paint. Use a filter for collecting particulates from the air and sample for lead and other heavy metals. Using a non-destructive XRF technology, you can test delicate and precious materials without having to cut or chip away at them. Add this to your arsenal and bring in those jobs you hate to outsource or turn over to someone else.

PPB RAE3000ppbRAE 3000 PID
The PPBRAE 3000 by RAE Systems is good for monitoring for VOC's at low levels. Quickly find the source of mysterious odors and hidden sources of degraded air quality. For indoor air monitoring this is an invaluable tool. using photoionization technology, this (PID) measures an extended range of 1 ppb to 10,000 ppm.

pdr 1000 AN dust monitor

Thermo Fisher PDR 1000AN

Monitor for particulates with this personal sized monitor.
Also known as a dataram or miniram dust monitor
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