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Lead Testing | XRF | Heuresis Pb200i


Lead testing with the latest and greatest XRF, the Heuresis Pb200i is the most efficient way to complete your lead paint survey. The Heuresis Pb200i was designed by the inventor of the NITON Lee Grodzins' son Hal Grodzins and his hand-picked team from the best players in the XRF industry and includes groundbreaking technology at an affordable price. With a commitment to protecting children from the hazards of lead paint, the team at Heuresis has produced the most innovative, technologically advanced XRF available for lead testing. Contact us now for more information on the most advanced XRF for lead testing!

Reasons the Heursis Pb200i is swiftly becoming the most sought after XRF for lead testing:

  • Increased productivity; 1 second readings speed up lead inspections to a pace that no other XRF can compete with

  • Low cost of operation and maintenance; runs on off-the-shelf Lithium AA batteries

  • Reporting Software that is incredibly user friendly and customizable; also has the ability to host other software written for specific states or special programs

  • The HUD/EPA PCS (Performance Characteristic Sheet) has no inconclusive range; technological advancements enable the most accurate analyses on metal substrates

  • Lightest available XRF; at 1.3lbs, any user can operate for extended periods of time without fatigue, speeding up productivity instead of slowing it down-other lead paint testers can become cumbersome

  • State of the art WiFi allows readings to be emailed on the spot

  • Operator Safety; a smaller (5mCi Co-57) source combined with advanced state of the art shielding techniques and shortened measurement times makes the Pb200i safer than other lead paint testers

  • Customer Care is a priority: Heuresis is a company with the desire and ability to take care of customer needs

The Heuresis Pb200i is an extremely fast xrf. When the trigger is pulled, the xrf identifies the substrate in fractions of a second then produces a reading in less than 1 second. Reading times may vary slightly depending on the concentration of the lead in paint and density ot the substrates but not by much. The most challenging analyses for lead testing xrf analyzers are when the concentration of the lead in the paint is right at the action level the instrument is set for. Even with the action level of the Heuresis Pb200i set at 1.0mg/cm2 when analyzing the 1.0mg/cm2 lead paint standard, it is extremely fast.

Metal is the most difficult substrate for any lead testing xrf to analyze. Watch this video to see the Heuresis Pb200i analyze the 1.0mg/cm2 lead paint standard on a metal substrate in less than 3 seconds!

Watch the Heuresis Pb200i analyze the 1.0mg/cm2 lead paint standard on wood.





Rent the Heuresis Pb200i XRF for lead testing now!

Contact us for a quote on the Heuresis Pb200i!

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Lead Paint

Lead paint used to be the best paint available if you wanted to do the job right and have it last forever. However, it was discovered that lead paint is an environmental hazard and when one is exposed to it, it can cause lead poisoning in people, animals and most significantly, children. In 1978, lead paint was banned in the United States and regulations began to be formed in order to identify, take precautions and remove lead based paint. In order to protect people from exposure to lead paint, the lead-based paint regulation known as Title X or the Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act of 1992 was passed which includes a federal guidelines from EPA and HUD that specifies that any paint containing 1.0mg/cm2 of paint and above be considered lead based paint and therefore needs to be treated as such.

XRF Lead Paint Tester vs. Lead Paint Test Kit

Lead in paint can sometimes be identified using a lead paint test kit however since a lead paint test kit does not have the ability to quantify the amount of lead in the paint, it cannot be used for EPA/HUD Title X (Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act of 1992) to determine if lead paint in a residential home is considered to be lead-based paint or not. Additionally, a lead paint test kit has a limited ability to identify if there is lead in the paint since they are not able to identify if there is any lead below the surface or top coating of paint.

For lead testing, the instrument of choice for Lead Inspectors (in the state of California one must be a Certified Lead Inspector in order to conduct lead testing) conducting lead testing is an XRF. An XRF or x-ray fluorescence analyzer has the ability to very accurately quantify lead in paint and it is not limited to the paint on the surface. If there is lead paint buried under many coats of paint, the XRF will still be able to accurately quantify the amount of lead in the paint. By far the most technologically advanced, fastest and most accurate XRF for lead testing is the Heuresis Pb200i. Contact us for a quote on the Heuresis Pb200i!


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