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Home > Air Quality Sampling > MiniRAE 3000 Photo Ionization Detector

MiniRAE 3000 0 to 15,000 ppm VOC Detection

MiniRAE 3000 PID

Total Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Analyzers like the newMiniRAE 3000 have been guiding environmental cleanup and occupational health and safety for over 3 decades. Whether it is a tank pull, soil remediation, site characterization, exposure assessments or HAZMAT applications, the photoionization detector (PID) has been the instrument of choice for reliable monitoring of contamination.

Photoionization is the process of using high energy UV photons to bombard a molecule causing temporary loss of electrons creating positively charged ions. These ions produce an electrical current which is measured by the detector. Once these ions pass through the detector, the electrons rejoin the molecules making photoionization a non-destructive technique.

2010 MiniRAE 3000 Trade-in

Choose the MiniRAE 3000 for your VOC monitoring needs:

  • Remediation - Contaminated Soils Cleanup
  • Fugitive Emissions - EPA Method 21 Compliance
  • LUST (Leaking Underground Storage Tank) Removal
  • HAZMAT Response
  • Soil and Water Headspace Analysis
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Worker Exposure Evaluations
  • Leak Detection
  • Carbon Breakthrough Monitoring
  • Landfill Monitoring
  • Buy MiniRAE 3000Rent MiniRAE 3000

MiniRAE 3000 Specifications

  • Extended 0-15,000 ppm Range
  • Built-In Pump can draw up to 100'
  • 200 built-in compounds (most of any handheld PID)
  • 3-year 10.6 eV Lamp Warranty. Lifetime Instrument Warranty
  • Self-Cleaning Lamp and Sensor: Our patented self-cleaning lamp and sensor minimize the need for maintenance and calibration
  • Data logging with up to 6 months of data at one-minute intervals
  • IP67 waterproof design for easy cleaning and decontamination in water
  • Big graphic display
  • Compensates for Humidity

MiniRAE 3000 Key Features

  • Proven PID technology: The patented sensor provides 3 second response up to 15,000 ppm and compensates for humidity.
  • Self-Cleaning Lamp and Sensor: Our patented self-cleaning lamp and sensor minimize the need for maintenance and calibration.
  • New Drop-in Battery: When work schedules require putting in more hours than the 16 hours supplied by the standard battery, the no tool required battery switching lets you finish the job.
  • 3-year 10.6 eV Lamp Warranty. Lifetime Instrument Warranty.
  • Rugged Rubber Boot: The included rubber boot helps assure that the MiniRAE 3000 survives the bumps and knocks of tough field use.
  • Strong, built-in sample pump draws up to 100 feet (30m) horizontally or vertically.
  • Large keys are operable even with 3 layers of gloves
  • Easy-to-read display with back light and new flash light for sampling in low light

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minirae3000 manual (pdf) 1.3M , product sheet (pdf) 900K , minirae3000 power point training 5.0M

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