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Home > Water Quality Sampling Equipment > Solinst model 410 Peristaltic Pump

Peristaltic Environmental Sampling Pump that runs on a 12-volt battery

Improved range of flow. Now the model 410 peristaltic pump can deliver up to 3.5 liters per minute with the 5/8" silicone tubing. The low end of the flow range is 40 ML/min (3/8" tubing). Peristaltic pumps like this Solinst (model 410) are perfect for use with .45 micron metal filters. The Peristaltic pump can pump water from up to 33 feet deep (at sea level). Adapted from the medical industry, peristaltic pumps are designed to prevent interference and contamination from being entered into the sample. The pump uses medical grade Silicon tubing which can be changed for every sample to prevent cross-contamination. For shallow environmental wells this is the low flow sampling pump to use.

Solinst model 410 Peristaltic Pump with expanded flow range

  • Vacuum pumping or pressure delivery
  • No Cross Contamination
  • Vapor or liquid sampling
  • 12V DC Powered, just hook up to a car battery
  • Up to 3.5 L /Min. in purge mode (5/8" Tubing)
  • Compact and light weight
  • Use with flow-through cells
  • 3/8" OD or 5/8" OD Silicone Tubing in the Pump
  • Buy a Solinst Peristaltic Pump Now


    Solinst Model 410 Peristaltic pump spec sheet / Model 410 manual

    The Solinst Peristaltic Pump has variable pumping rates and can be fitted with 2 different sizes of silicon pump-head tubing. With the standard 5/8” OD (16 mm) tubing it delivers from 120 ml/min to almost 3.5 L/min. The optional 3/8” OD (10 mm) tubing adaptor kit allows a sample rate up to 900 ml/min and as low as 40 ml/min. This rate is ideal for low-flow sampling and the filling of small sample bottles.

    A 12 ft. (4 m) long power cord uses alligator clips to allow easy connection to almost any 12 volt DC power source, that can supply at least 3-5 amps at maximum draw, such as auto, marine or small gel cell battery. It may be connected directly to your vehicle battery.

    Environmental Groundwater Sampling Peristaltic Pump


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