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Soil Sampling & Testing Equipment

Handheld XRF Soil Analyzer
Soil Sampling Kits
Sample Tubes
KVA Soil Vapor Kit
Soil pH Meters
Testing Sieves

Specialty Equipment

Calibration Standards, Buffers
Well Completion Equipment

Pipe & Cable Locator
Valve Locator
Pumps - Grundfos 2" 3" 4"
Pumps - Low Flow
Pumps - ProActive
Locking Caps
Inflatable Packers
Inclinometer Casing

Geotechnical Equipment

Crack Gauges
Munsell Soil Color Chart

Instruction Manuals

Rentals, Service & Equipment Repair

Rental Equipment
Arizona Rental Equip
Service & Repair
Rental Water Quality Meters
Rental Air Quality Meters

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Out of the country credit card sales must be handled through a U.S. intermediary or the first several sales must be cash, check or money order in order to create a good business relationship. Once that has been done, we will honor your credit card purchases.

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